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reel_idol's Journal

American Idol Reel
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Welcome to the American Idol Reel challenge community.

A 'Reel" challenge is when authors and artist pick from a list of movies to use as inspiration to write an American Idol real person fic off of. Once authors and artists have made their claims they will have 2 months to complete their work. They only have to have a word minimum of 1,000 or one single art piece. There is however no maximum and many reel fics turn out being anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 words.
- All fics must be at least 1,000 words, there is no maximum and because you are given two months to write you are encouraged to make it as epic as you want.
- When claiming for art you have to make at least once piece, however you can make more if you like.
- You can claim a movie for fic or art but you can not claim one for both.
- You can only make one claim at a time, but you will be allowed another if you email us your finished product of your first.
Movie Submission - TBA
Claiming Opens - TBA
Claiming Closes - TBA
Fics and Art Due - TBA
Posting Schedule Up- TBA
Posting Starts - TBA

Round 1 Master Post
Promote the challenge.
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The moderators for this challenge are chosenfire28, weddingbeaches and sparklycockles.

You can contact us at the community email at reelidol@gmail.com or by private PM to either of us.
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